Lucas Schifres (from Paris, France) is a corporate, portrait, and editorial photographer specialised in China, based in Hong Kong. A Chinese speaker, he has a master's degree in journalism.

Lucas Schifres received the National Headliner Award for Feature Photography. His photos were shown at Perpignan's photo festival, Visa pour l'Image.

As a photojournalist, Lucas has traveled to more than 40 countries. In China, he covered the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, the riots in Tibet in 2008, and many more news stories.

His photos have been published in the world's leading media including Time, Newsweek, International New York Times, L’Express, Le Monde, Paris-Match, and Le Figaro Magazine. He had photo exhibitions in Paris, Shanghai, and Prague.

Lucas' book Looking into the eyes of Made in China came out in 2014. Click on "Portfolio > Made in China" to browse through the book. Click on "Contact" and send an e-mail to order a copy of the book.

Lucas resided in Shanghai from 2007 to 2011. He now lives in Hong Kong and travels continuously through mainland China and Asia.